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Hi Mike, I’m extremely glad you defended your reasons for continuing to write about Covid in The Arrow.

I voted last week that I did NOT have Covid fatigue because this Covid business is still affecting people in various ways. Briefly:

I have friends, “intelligent” friends, who are still having Covid booster jabs and saying how “safe” they are now feeling, they are still testing if they have Covid when they get a cold ! Some people are still wearing masks and some doctors are still recommending them. A large number of people have clearly been scared witless by government fear mongering during the pandemic with all the rules, regulations and lockdowns.

Then there’s the possible side effects of the Covid jabs. I had three Covid jabs in 2021 (I fell for the fear mongering then) but I have refused them since then, but could even those jabs have caused some damage to me ? I’d like to know, so until there has been a full investigation into the side effects of the Covid jabs we are still in the dark.

Then there’s the issue of excess deaths. Here in the UK the excess death rates are huge but there’s no real explanation. Some of them are doubtless after effects of the lockdowns when hospitals here virtually shut down for all illnesses other than Covid, and certainly people could not get to see GPs because GP surgeries virtually shut down from March 2020 and many have since still not opened up fully - they do telephone consultations instead of face to face consultations so early signs of cancer and heart disease are being missed. The current NHS waiting lists to see hospital specialists are just about the longest ever so people are dying before they are able to get treatment or when it’s already too late to get effective treatment.

The economy is also affected by the changes in behaviour many people have made regarding how they work. I don’t know all the ins and outs of why that is, but what I’m trying to say is that we’re all still being affected by Covid in one way or the other so please Mike carry on writing about Covid.

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Dr. Eades,

Thank you for not forgetting what happened with the Covid tyranny the last three years.

When Biden announced in fall 2021 that any employer that contracted with the federal government would be required to mandate the vaccine, I nearly lost my 25 year STEM career.

I have a family history of auto-immune diseases, and always politely declined flu vaccines. I assumed that as an adult I could make my own medical decisions without interference. I assumed the Covid vaccine would be similar to the flu vax: Get it if you want, if not no one will care. Obviously I couldn't have been more wrong.

I cannot describe the feeling of dread knowing that not only would I be fired from my job, but also that I may not ever be able to work in the STEM industry at all. I would no longer be able to support my family, and I am the sole support of my family, including my disabled spouse.

It turned out that my employer liked me and found a way to keep me that fit within the rules. But it would have been much easier for them to throw me under the bus. I live in Seattle, after all.

So I kept my job, but I was banned from sitting inside restaurants and attending the symphony. I was prohibited from visiting my disabled wife in the hospital in early 2022. I had become a second class citizen because I declined an experimental medical treatment. While I was picking up our carry out food at the restaurant front counter, I would observe people sitting inside the restaurant. I watched them show their vax cards in order to enter the seating area. They were clearly enjoying themselves as if all of this was perfectly normal. I could not wrap my head around the idea that anyone could think showing a vax card to gain entry into a restaurant was normal.

What everyone forgets is that when this happened, no end date was ever discussed. It was not clear at all that any of the Covid insanity would EVER end.

We CANNOT forget that this happened. We CANNOT allow them to pretend that it never happened. It DID happen, and the people who did it need to atone for it, and they have not done this.

I'm not going to forget that this happened. I'm not going to forgive the people who did this.

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Mike -

Not trying to start a fight in the comments, but I wonder how many of the people in your survey who have "Covid fatigue" are also people who were quite happy to demonize and sh!t upon the "unvaccinated." I find that among my own cohort, people who told me what a "conspiracy theorist" I was now are remarkably silent about the Covid-19 mRNA gene therapy products.

"Why can't we all just let bygones be bygones!?" Riiiiiiggghhhht.

What was done was a war crime, plain and simple, and exactly what we hanged the doctors at Nuremburg for. All of the informed consent rules in the U.S. code and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) came out of the Nuremburg Triibunal. The Nuremburg Code was subsequently enshrined in the Helsinki Declaration, which ultimately became the rules surrounding informed consent in experimental medical protocols.

When the military wanted to force members of the military to take even FDA-licensed products off-label, DoD went to the FDA to see if they could get a waiver of the informed consent rules. (What used to be 21 CFR 50.23). That was in the quaint days of the Gulf War (I) in the late 80s. Gulf War Syndrome followed, as something like 270,000 troops complained of a myriad of symptoms that likely derived from the mass, compelled use of variety of licensed (off-label) and experimental products.

A bunch of hearings followed and Congress passed 10 USC 1107 and 1107a out of that debacle.

Then DoD and pharma really got in bed and now here were.

F*** the people who want to forget. As far as I'm concerned, they're no better than the Germans in post-WW2 Germany who very much wanted to "move past it" and pretend that they didn't support what was being done to their neighbors because they were "dirty Jews" or "dirty gypsies" - i.e. Because their government told them that those people were now OTHER and could be discriminated against and harmed without consequence with a wink from the State.

Either informed consent really is a human right or it's not. If it is, then what was done was a crime. PERIOD.

If they want someone to work on the prosecution of those cases in Nuremburg 2.0, I hope they call me.

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"Most go to a diabetologist after their diagnosis and get put on a hefty dose of insulin and are told to make sure to keep their carb intake up so they don’t go into insulin shock."

I have a friend who is Type 1 (she's 72, thin, and appears healthy otherwise). She definitely eats a lot of sweets and other carbs. She and her husband came to dinner one night, looked at what I was serving, and took a shot of insulin. She then ate two servings of potatoes, a serving of broccoli, a bit of meat, and for dessert she had brought cupcake-sized pieces of homemade cheesecake (not to sound sanctimonious, but I ate only the meat). As we were talking afterward, suddenly she got up and said she needed more carbs. I had put out a bowl of pretzels prior to dinner so she took a huge handful and ate them all.

I sat there wondering why she took so much insulin before eating. I think she was diagnosed quite a while ago, but not quite sure. Did she not measure out the insulin correctly? Is she supposed to take a standard dose, regardless of what food she eats? As someone said in the comments last week, it doesn't make sense to eat a bunch of "poison" carbs just because you have the "antidote." Why not cut back on the amount of poison you ingest so you don't need as much antidote?

I really struggle with why people rely on meds and keep up their bad eating habits instead of making a few lifestyle changes.

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Mike - from the top: weather issues here in FL too - it's either cool and cloudy for the tropics or warm and thundery/showery, which means hubs might not be able to play as much golf as he'd like, so I hear ya on the golf score. For me - there's been not one good warm, sunny day that felt comfortable enough to go to the pool. I know - first world problems - but it is the easiest way for me to exercise. I do wonder about places closing for weather that might not happen. I've seen it here and at home - is it another way of ratcheting up fear of the weather? climate change? (This is what not trusting anyone leads to - suddenly questioning everything.)

Re Covid: I'm in the fifty percent (or so) who wants you to keep it at it. I don't know how long people can keep the cognitive disconnect going. A friend recently had her - what? - fourth booster right before a three week vacation, at which point she got covid and was sick the entire three weeks. She complained when she got the shot that her arm was really sore and the injection site had a ring of bumps around it. There's simply no accounting for failure to connect the dots. I'm sure her answer would be, "But I would have been even sicker . . ." I wish I had a really good response for that thinking. Anyone? Anyone? And on the subject of covid data, check out (if you haven't already) a woman named Jessica Rose. She has the numbers and, of course, has been marginalized like the rest of them.

Of course I got Gary's book - have bought them all - and am looking forward to getting into it. Casey Means' book isn't available until May but it's been pre-ordered. So many books - so little time!

Thanks again for a great read - and keep that covid info coming. Bracketing it seems a good idea. As one of your readers said, I want to see someone made accountable for the mess, the lives unnecessarily lost and ruined.

Just a few little ones:

I was pretty mainstream guy.

I was a pretty mainstream guy

My views now pretty much mirrors Nick Hudson’s,

My view now . . .

(whose co-founder admitted was deeply involved with the CIA)

whose co-founder admitted he (or she) was

And began producing on helluva Substack newletter.

began producing one helluva

If you want and understanding on how to avoid chronic disease

an understanding

As you can see, thought, the gain is less

you can see, though, . . .

And the latests as a consequence

And the latest as

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Excellent read. I’m not sure if you’re aware that Dr Robert Malone, after becoming aware of all the adverse side effects attributed to the Covid vaccines, said that the mRNA technology had been used to create a “cytotoxic bioweapon.” I can’t cite where I read it, but will never forget the feeling I had at that moment. I’m still dealing with a debilitating side effect which began 5 days after my second vaccine, which my former doctor hounded me into getting.

A few other typos:

Back them most doctors

Back then

Nina Techolz

Nina Teicholz

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Re Censorship- The WSJ has an article on the greater prevalence of cancer in in 'young people' - "Cancer Is Striking More Young People, and Doctors Are Alarmed and Baffled" So I read this article and saw references to diet, to too much sugar, processed foods, too little exercise... no mention of Covid or vaccines. So I commented how strange it was to see this article omitting any reference to Covid or vaccines as a cause. Next thing I know I get a WSJ email saying MY COMMENT was rejected for violating 'community guidelines. This is not the NYT, this is the WSJ. And you cannot even mention that the vaccines might be doing damage. I did not assert that they did. I raised the question, saying this possibility should not be ignored.... Later I I wrote 'Agree' under someone else's post, one word, 'Agree.' And THAT was rejected. Later I said it is like Voldemort a word that cannot be said or you will be blocked ( I did not mention what 'it' was. That comment was rejected... welcome to the new millennium and the rampant spread of censorship - oh, by the way- this message is NOT brought to you by Pfizer or Big Pharma. It's little ole me and am getting smaller and less influential by the censoring minute. OOhhh I'm shrinking....

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I hope that I can eventually feel "burn-out" from interminable, never-ending covid tyranny prosecutions.

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I enjoyed this whole newsletter, including your take on Covid, which, as a scientist, I share. What I want is the REAL science. I do have extreme fatigue with MSM Covid propaganda, which continues and needs to continually be attacked. In Canada we are reminded by a pinned notice to go to Health Canada's Covid page instead whenever we're on the Youtube pages of formerly-globally-recognized experts who now spout "unacceptable views" (according to Justin Trudeau). Just remind readers that all devices come with the ability to scroll past news they don't want to read. My brain now automatically blanks out Health Canada's Covid notice.

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I actually knew by the second or third line of the ingredient list that it was Chef Boyardee. Don’t ask me why, but it popped into my brain. I used to feed it to my boys 30+ years ago. One day I opened the can to heat some up for their lunch and exclaimed to them: “This smells and looks dead. We’re never eating it again.” I threw it away and made something else.

Thanks for triggering the memory.

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Regarding the Covid vaccines, perhaps the issue was with quality control. My understanding was that there were issues with certain batches of the vaccines made by Pfizer. Or perhaps, that's not the problem...


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Much as I would theoretically favor the "torture" route I believe that we should attempt to preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights to the maximum extent possible - hence no "cruel and/or unusual punishment; the firing squad will have to serve.

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Fauci et al. have MURDERED millions if not tens of millions. A firing squad is merciful - lengthy execution by medieval torture would be more appropriate. Afa a trial is concerned a fairly constituted "Peoples' Tribunal" should work well - no need to involve a totally inept and corrupt fedgov.

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Hi Mike!

Great - GREAT - letter Mike. I still like the Covid stuff and I am glad Fauci is being grilled for what he did. My Sister-in-law is DEAD because of this mandate. We have spoken about this before, recall she had a Pfizer shot on Friday and DIED Thursday the next week of a heart attack ( I will not use medical terminology for that since I don’t know the details) but she also had blood clotting so sever they could not bet blood to her brain after the EMS started her heart. These are now known as classic mRNA symptoms. She had no history of heart problems. I bring this up because, this issue resurfaced this week as my brother had to access her death certificate and not told be there was NO REFERENCE to Covid or to her very recent receipt of a Pfizer vaccine shot – and why should there be…as Fauci told us the vaccines are safe…Safe…safe. A friend of my brother who worked in billing for a hospital was fired for failure to get a vaccinated. About a month ago they paid him some compensation < not enough but some> for forcing him out for that reason. Apparently in NY Some group has gotten fired members reinstated with BACK PAY, arguing that the 'vaccines' were really that; they were just a medical treatment and refusal to get that treatment was not grounds for firing...So this situation continues to play out.

There is a new piece in Epoch Times (yeah, I know…I don't like them much either- they look too much like they are trying to find problems everywhere- anyway ) but their report echoes something from an earlier (2006?) Dr. Christine Ben TED talk arguing that vaccines with non live viruses worsen all-cause mortality outcomes!! Whoa!! Christine Ben had found that was true for a multi factor vaccine she had administered when she looked into results. She did this after finding that a live polio vaccine conveyed all sort of unexpected (non specific outcomes, I believe was her term) for the recipient. Vaccine news is still relevant. Pfizer is developing new ones and even admitting the old ones did not work well. Still they have jumped ahead to tout the superior performance <low hurdle if ever there was one!> of the new ones...Oh yeah...I believe them..don’t you??

Interesting letter. I sent the diabetes portion to my nephew who is also a long-standing Type one diabetic. I sent the part about trusting (not?) doctors to my brother whose Drs found a cyst on his Pancreas, no sign of cancer, he is not at risk particularly as they tick through the characteristics for screening, but one Dr advised this draconian surgery to remove: (1) the cyst,(2) part of his liver and (3) to reattach his small intestine…WHAT? And he DOES NOT have cancer?? Why would he ever submit to that??? He also is the one with Drs who want him on statins until his marker goes below a reading of 55. That's a reading so low I don’t think anyone would NOT BE ON STATINS if it were widely accepted. Bulling by the medical profession is OUT OF CONTROL. My brother had to argue with this Dr and put his foot down and call his bluff on not being his Dr anymore if he did not submit to Crestor, a stronger statin that the one he is already on.

The medical profession, climate scientists, these new social engineers trying to rename sex and reorient racial matters really make ME feel oppressed. And it’s the Democrats who spearhead ALL THESE THINGS. Yet, they – THEY - argue that Republicans are trying to control you. Actually, Republicans are fighting against Democrats WHO ARE CONTROLLING YOU!! Well, God help us. And I will not say a word more on economic policy that I find in shambles or more on US foreign policy that seems clueless, rudderless, hopeless, and being poorly executed on both sides of the Aisle. DO Republcians really want Putin to Win in Ukraine? Has anyone looked at what the EUROPEN map looks like if Russia gains all of Ukraine? Hello!! I’m an economist. I believe in fiscal probity. But you also need to set and fund national priorities. You don’t make the budget constraint binding and fail to pursue important agendas. Other than that we are fine in NYC... We are just waiting for the other shoe to fall on tax hikes here as NY will have to pay the bill for being a Sanctuary City. Close the border! Put Americans first for God’s sake!! EOR (End Of Rant)

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Allulose is pretty amazing stuff! Asian cooking almost always has sugar added for "flavor" so I've had to be quite careful if I had any dishes. But since we discovered allulose in August, my Malaysian-Chinese wife now uses it exclusively in her wonderful cooking. That ingredient and shirataki noodles have rekindled my love for Asian cuisine (and kept it low-carb)!

Chris in San Diego

(the "allulose guy" from last week's comments)

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Mike, #158 is one of your all-time best. Just to address COVID-no burnout here, it's too important to let go. Many readers have given good reasons already, all are important. Each of the layers of discovery (so far, prolly more to come) show the humans in charge to be much more dangerous than the germ. From the beginning of this, only a one-in-a-million super reader might have been able to refute the consensus as it evolved. The degree of lying and coercion at all levels is frightening. They have learned how to control entire countries, and will do it again before long. Stick your neck out and you could get fired, from doctors to privates in the Army. My sister-in-law, an infectious disease specialist had a "Trust Science" yard sign. Best of intentions though. It's not hard to imagine people memorizing their jab batch number and checking the daily scorecard, hoping not to see theirs pulling ahead (Sci-Fi only I hope).

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