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Loved this edition of The Arrow - I so enjoy your style of writing Mike, whether you're writing about the rains in SB or complicated chemical reactions in the cells of the body. I didn't notice any typos either! Bit puzzled about this sentence though: "Those readers smarter than I can inform me in the comments." Is that grammatically correct ? Should there be an "am" after "I" ?

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One of the BEST videos you have ever posted! Keep them coming, but you will have a hard time topping that one!

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Great, thank you. please use the link below to book in on a day and time that suits you.

The interview will be approximately 45 minutes long, for YouTube and an audio podcast version will be produced, and we will cover specific topics and questions relating to nutrition.

Best regards,


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Hi Dr Eades, this is a bit out of left field but I am rereading the 6 Week Cure and the discussion of leucine in issues #111/112 reminded me of something I think I read on your blog years ago - would replacing the shakes with 2 more meat weeks work on the diet? I thought you wrote at some point you were going to prescribe 4 meat weeks but expected the average reader would want more variety.

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Thank you for clearing that up. Sorry to be cheeky here but I run a small but rapidly growing carnivore YouTube channel in the UK and I'd be keen to have you on as a guest. I've spoken to Dr Ovadia, Shawn Baker, Bart Kay, Dr Lisa Wiedeman, Dr Kiltz and others. My 'thing' is physiology (I have an honours degree in health sciences) I'd enjoy talking about incretin hormones and some often under discussed 'stuff'

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I am new to the arrow and I am confused that I can only go back to episode 97?

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Your comments on the Warburg effect recapitulate the history of Biochemistry. I sometimes give as a problem to students: you are in the health food business and among other things you want to sell yeast extract (smashed up yeast cells) but it happens to be 1890 and you don’t have a refrigerator because not so common and inconvenient. How can you preserve the extract? Students suggest salt which might but no good if to be ingested product. One way was to add a lot of sugar. When you do that you are astounded to see the extract bubbling and giving off what turns out to be CO2 and you have carried fermentation without a living organism (no yeast cells in your prep) and that was a surprise in 1890. This was the beginning of biochemistry and discovery of enzymes which means (Greek?) in yeast. Now when Krebs or somebody got an aerobic microorganism and made and extract and add succinate or other substrates from the Krebs cycle, nothing happened. Why? The answer is, as you point out, aerobic metabolism requires structure (the mitochondria) and, as you say, membranes. BTW, as you undoubtedly know, the Warburg effect is not absolute, even beyond glutamine, there is a spectrum of the extent to which cancer cell prefer glycolysis to respiration.

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About to start a discussion with Anssi Manninen about mass balance thing. Since I am not sure what either of you guys are talking about, I suggested you join in. He is up for it, if you are. What do you think?

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Once again, loved it all, Mike - especially the boat stuff, although having crossed the Atlantic on an oceanographic vessel that was 276 feet long, so quite a bit bigger than your boat, I can't imagine traveling the Atlantic in a storm on yours.

About that line: "to facilitate linages with self-selected individual diets" - lineages are "the number of lines in printed or written matter, especially when used to calculate payment" which, to my mind, makes the whole concept even less comprehensible. Given the total nonsense otherwise in that section, that may well have been the purpose.

Just loved the video - so glad you've linked to it - wonder if he'll ever get his audience back - with any luck and lots of people such as your good self promoting him, he will.

So here's what I found this week:

In response to Anne's question, no, there doesn't have to be an 'am' after the I - but I do think that Max must have been able to free dive with goggles - I'll bet autocorrect changed it to googles.

" . . . took a live aboard course with two of our sons"

I'm just not sure what an "aboard" course is

" . . .our bare boat charter "

According to the internet, it should be bareboat charter, but the internet could be wrong.

" . . .there was this great worry one that New Year’s eve that the world was going '

Perhaps - " . . . worry that on New Year's Eve the world was going . . . ."

" . . .sold the boat to make the down payment on it, and moved it."

Moved the boat or moved to the condo? Not sure which you meant here

". . . .thinking more about the planet that our own health"

about the planet than our own health

" . . .one side of the membrane creates and electro-chemical gradient"

should be "an electro-chemical gradient"

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