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Not too long; just right!! And, as always: GOOD STUFF!

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There is an awful lot of stuff called 'science' but much of it does not seem to be any good. Here is my sporadic spew...

I was talking to my wife about some of the policies we see implemented or saw during Covid and continue to read references to...shocking. But we still do not get clear talk about what the issue is with the mRNA vaccines. They are still being promoted yet they have real issues... last week the Biden Admin distanced itself from a CDC(?) scientist who urged people to get a new booster every two months and as many as eight a year... turned out there was NO scientific evidence backing this advice ( not even bad science!). So WTF??? Why did he offer it??

We read that some batches of vaccine were much worse than others- so was it a manufacturing quality problem? We read that some batches of vaccine (in Germany?) may have been placebos. Some speculate that the mini mRNA particle that can pass through the blood-brain barrier are the problem. Others note the overload of Spike Protein you get from the vaccine compared to an ordinary natural infection is an issue. None of this is good but what IS the Real major Problem with the vaccines?? Does anybody know??? Or is it just an Irish stew of problems? ( no offense meant to the Irish)

Then the are other things we as humans do as frigging humans. Our greed and alliance-making leads to a diminishing of science. In Economics the Biden Admin is going to drop the concept of opportunity costs to vet regulation cost. This will make any regulation look less costly and easier to adopt.. Its not a debasement of economics- it is simply its simply a hostile take-over by politics. There is no more economics in the vetting.

I just read that the Jan 6 committee ( remember the Democrats?) destroyed a slew of records, tapes, etc that they had been asked to keep by the incoming Republicans. But because its Congress screwing Congress I guess there is no . penalty, no obstruction of justice. Congress is not about justice- it's about politics.... You can obstruct justice, but keep your stinking hands off my politics!!!

I have recently read one thing on The difference in the FBI going after Trump like a mad dog Vs Biden who they pursue with no vigor gusto or even objective. Someone has noted that since Trump is independently rich and wants to drain the swamp and since most legislators get rich IN POFFICE, there is broad support to protect Biden and Hunter and what they have done because it is 'common practice in Washington. Wow!! Think about that one. Chilling.

You know I always hate defending Trump from X, Y or Z argument because he is not a poster boy for anything good you want to save. But I did like a lot of his legislative agenda and his foreign policy meanwhile Democrats with their invention of many sexes and pronoun stuff and race this and race that just drive me nuts. Biden screwed up Afghanistan; he could have prevented invasion of Ukraine but chose instead to use sanctions while assuring Russian there were No American and No NATO Troops there... Why do that?? He later admitted he knew sanctions would not work. That has to be the most expensive and deadly Lie ever told in the history of the human race- Look what it has spawned!!

So now... Hey!! Democrats... How about rewarding competence?? Oh, never-mind. Let's hope both Trump and Biden bite the political dust in someway before election day.

And...you may have seen that the Biden Administration has cancelled a whole bunch of press badges reducing the number of people who can regularly attend White House briefings ( of course Biden rarely has press conferences any more anyway).

I hate unfairness. I hate to see double standards. Trump should use the Jan 6 records destruction as an obstruction of justice argument. They have deprived him of information. and these new charges they assert they know that he knew that he lied? This bit of tortured logic simply breaks new legal ground ( and wind). I mean....we are in an age in which no one seems to be able to agree what the facts of any situation are - yet, this prosecutor Jack-the-Beanstalker thinks he can prove what Trump knew.

Lastly Dr Robert Malone has a piece on the number of patent payment made to CDC and NIH members. He used the FOIA to get released the names of the firms that paid royalties and to whom...but the dollar amounts paid still are redacted. They just tell you how many 'payments were sent out. Both CDC NIH scientists really do seem to get paid by a lot of outside sources they are supposed to oversee. There is more conflict of interest there than in a mother eating her own young. Terrible place.

Michael Lewis (Premonition) was really right about those guys...

That it from me.; my potpourri of piss-offedness Great letter.

One to the point question...After all that yeah really- I had my Thyroid removed so how do these thyroid issues affect someone taking Synthroid? Not asking for you assume medical liability here just a general sort of inquiry... I had Graves Disease, but I've since buried it...

Best B Hope your rain stops - but not forever. ( juts being careful what I wish for...)

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I was a big fan of Paul Saladino but he has gone off on a strange journey. A fair few of the people that book me for a consult have fallen for the fruit and honey version of carnivore and it's not been good for them. Not a personal insult to him as I enjoy his content and he seems like a great guy, just he's a little misguided in some ways.

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So appreciate all of this, and especially the coverage on thyroid. I have high TSH (5.16) but none of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, and low-normal T-4 and T-3. Endo is sending me back for another blood test -- testing TPO-AB, which were super-high last time I had them tested.

I recall a Steve Phinney post suggesting a keto diet might lead the body to function (normally) at lower T-3 levels. He doesn't get into high TSH.

I just don't seem to have the problems I *should* if I had thyroid issues. I found this "macro-hormone" paper. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3027347/

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Dr. Eades, the only complaint I have regarding The Arrow is that there is no index. I often vaguely remember some fact or kernel of wisdom, but have a very hard time locating. I am not an indexer, but if I were, I would volunteer for the job. All the best, Eileen

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This was a very fascinating and valuable overview of thyroid function and ketogenic diet. I have a friend who is hypo and I have been cautious in advising her on diet.

In Arrow #132 you say, “But before I do, just to set the table, let me go into a little physiology and biochemistry. Everyone’s two favorite subjects”. You got my weak spot just there, keep it going; I hope PP2 has lots of this maybe in appendices. The last few posts by you have given me new insights into things I did know about but are now value enhanced.

I read Dissolving Illusions last year. Another quirk we share is looking up references. I was especially fascinated by the Gentleman’s Magazine. Year 1764 has discussion of inoculation. There are lots of other social insights throughout.


The pro-vaccination (this account questions the inconsistencies): #304 (p.290) - #307 (p.293)

"Account of a Letter on the Extirpation of the Small Pox, lately published in Germany, by Dr Frederic Casimir, Physician"

There is mention of measles, chickenpox, scarlet fever too.

The vaccination sceptic (with the statistics – wow!): #346 (p.332) - #347 (p.333)

"The question, Whether Inoculation of the small pox is a practice favourable to life, or the contrary,"

When I read about Jenner and smallpox I realised that I had never really thought through the story to guess its veracity. What struck me was that there were no bio labs to test stuff so there is no way even Jenner could have known what he gave to the boy. Smallpox is easily killed by heat and sunlight so the boy may have been given dead stuff. All vaccine mythology is based on a single unethical and dodgy experiment. I had scarlet fever in the 1940s before the UK NHS came into being. I remember being in bed in a poorly state for some days.

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When you eat seed oils refined in factories, the omega-6 is oxidized (and then deodorized), so it's probably detrimental. If the omega-6 in chicken became oxidized you'd throw it out due to the stench.

Judy Chu, a nutritionist, thinks we should "eat the rainbow"--beef, pork, poultry--to optimize the nutrient spectrum even if these meats are from animals fed high-omega-6 corn and soy. She focuses on the differences between oxidized and non-oxidized omega-6.

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Thanks for writing about "Ketones Help Build Muscle." I was talking with a friend recently about people who lose muscle mass while taking semaglutide. I recalled that you'd written that could be a problem once the semaglutide had caused you to burn most of your fat: your muscles were "burned" next.

I was curious whether ketogenic diets might not do the same thing. Judging from what you wrote here, apparently not. That's good news for this old man.

"The study he evaluates is one performed in Denmark in which ten healthy males were injected with lipopolysaccharide"

A study of only ten individuals? Hmm... the study design sounds pretty good but that's very few test subjects.

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I for one would love for you to explain the advantages, disadvantages and assumptions of Mendelian randomization,

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Carbs in nature:

Back when I was following paleo diet sites, I recall a girl (so-called) who liked to do detailed investigations of diet studies--far into the night. Her own diet was mainly fruit, but she had digestive issues with other foods, and thought that paleo made sense. She critiqued The China Study and engaged in argument with the author-professor.

She also did some research on "carbs in nature" and discovered multiple wild fruits that are high in carbs like modern, farmed fruits. So, if she's correct, this might suggest a possible evolutionary rationale for consuming fruit today.

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According to Dr. Martin, much more of a plandemic, rather than panicdemic...

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Regarding the Gold mess, three main issues are the $3 1/2 million house, three new pricey vehicles, and $30 million in cash. Frontline Doctor press releases are produced in Israel and one guess is the money ended up there, too. Probably not what the donors envisioned?!

To make matters worse, some high-profile health freedom organizations don't really care and are currently featuring her at public events.

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If you eat carnivore, do you get enough iodine from meat and fat alone? The pink Himalayan salt I use has no iodine, so is this a concern?

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Interesting stuff ie ketones & muscle building. On the topic of maintaining muscle/strength I found this article to be of great interest https://gethealthspan.com/blog/articles/rapamycin-muscle-growth-glass-lab-sarcopenia/5m76x4qrbfiouvhos3ptmz/?utm_source=Healthspan%27s%20Members%20%7C%20production&utm_campaign=e9025f4a52-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2023_07_30_03_04_COPY_04&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_-3aac68fab7-%5BLIST_EMAIL_ID%5D

Wondered at some point if you would address your thoughts on this specifically and in general, the use of Rapamycin as an anti aging agent

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I can't believe anyone with even a tiny working brain could come up with that scheme to watch the Barbie movie . . . there she is. Yikes!! But I believe it. The scientific community where I live (and it's fairly large - one of the biggest employers in the area besides the hospitals) wouldn't even do house rentals - which they offer students and visiting investigators - unless those applying were vaccinated. Talk about Jesus weeping . . . and now the threat is a surge of leprosy in FL?????

Glad you're reading Dissolving Illusions. Like you, I got it on my kindle and then bought the book - checking references on a kindle is a royal pain . . . . . .

Thanks again for a great read - just a couple of little niggles:

the omega-6/omega-3 ration

Should that be ratio?

one in which beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

Since every other time you mention it it's bHB maybe this one should be too?

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Interesting about the thyroid on low carb/keto. I’ve been on an extremely low carb/keto way of eating for the past 16 years since 2007. I’ve never had thyroid symptoms. My serum TSH is always normal, last time 2.64 mIU/L, lab normal reference range 0.27 - 4.2 (UK numbers). However, my serum urea is always high, last renal function test it was 9.3 mmol/L (lab normal ref range 2.5 - 7.8), and I'm one of those "hyper responders" when it comes to cholesterol, high total, high HDL very low triglycerides, high calculated LDL.

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