Superb background on ketones. We've diesel brains and need fuel mechanics like yourself to provide the Bardahl and nitro (knowledge) to turbo on ketones, not gasoline.

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After almost 40 years in the same apartment building my wife and I expect to move sometime next year. There are days when I think that arson is the most time efficient solution. The time in prison would be less than the time it will take us to go through all of our stuff.

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Going through old boxes of stuff is the absolute worst. I hate it so much just reading about you doing it has given my palpitations.

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Don't store shit.

I have luckily escaped unscathed, but many others have not. My brother and I once cleaned out a storage my grandmother had maintained for years, since grandfather died and she downsized. But as usual, you can never quite understand why you just couldn't part with so many things.

Her tab for storing mostly worthless junk (what was keepsake could have fit in a medium box or two, stored in a closet) came to about $12,000 as I recall.

She cried.

When I graduated from Oregon State in '84, entered the Navy, and headed down to San Diego for various schools over the next 6 months, the Navy was kind enough to send guys over to move my stuff. I had accumulated a little, which they dutifully moved to the BOQ at the Amphib base at Coronado. I did car loads when I finished that school and began a few months more of school at the 32nd St base.

Then I had orders to Japan. This time, I chose to take only what I could pack in a seabag, and the Navy sent the guys over again to pack and store everything. It was a wooden crate about 3x3x3, a cubic yard...like you see in scenes of military warehouses in the movies.

That was 39 years ago, and I never saw the stuff again. I couldn't begin to tell you what might have been in there. What life's memories had a single, 23-year-old guy collected by then he couldn't part with?

My first tour in Japan was 3 years, then I "moved across the pier" to another command for another 2 years. I then returned to the US in 1989, 5 years later, for more school; 6 months. By then I had accumulated a lot, including a 1000cc motorcycle. All shipped from Japan to Monterey, CA, all at Navy expense. Filled a 1 BR apartment to cluttered levels.

The Navy offered to ship my stuff to me in long term storage, but my next tour was in France. I saw no need to reunite with any of it, rekindling any reminiscences that might have been in store. So off I left it there for another 2 years, wherein the Navy had moved all my stuff (including a Chevy Corvette, this time) to France and back.

When I returned to the US in '92, the stuff had been in storage for 8 years by then. That's when I left the Navy and of course, word came down I needed to take delivery of the stuff and if I didn't, it would be disposed of.

I saw no need.

None of that international moving, nor the 8 years storing a college guy's stuff, cost me a penny.

So it was a free lesson. Plus, I also know how lucrative the self-storage business can be if you can secure land that's inexpensive, yet not too far out of town.

It's kinda like how they say all those casinos on the strip got built. ;)

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Great article on the importance of maintaining muscle as we age. Have you seen the work of Jonathan Sullivan MD & Andy Baker “The Barbell Prescription”? Uses the Starting Strength model of Mark Rippetoe. I Highly reccomend . Thanks again.

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that they guy really is a swine.

the guy really is . . .

More later if I find any - time for bed on the east coast - just saw the National Theatre Live production of Best of Enemies (Bill Buckley and Gore Vidal) - very good and depressing - things are worse now - why didn't we listen to them then????

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Timely stuff for us - we have a roomful of totes that we’ve had since we got married 3 years ago. We were debating on taking them to a storage unit. I think I’ll save the $38k and sort through it this weekend.

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Dear Doctor Mike,

Thanks for a great newsletter. Regarding the ketogenic diet, i would be very interested to read your comments on today's Mercola website in which Dr,.M posits that long term keto could backfire by producing excessive cortisol, raising triglycerides and increasing central adipose fat. He seems to change his views regularly, so we don't know when his advice will change again!



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Interesting what a difference exercise made to muscle retention in the little study. I’m 65 and well aware of the importance of keeping/increasing muscle, thanks to the efforts of John Jacquish, whose X3 Bar system of resistance bands I’ve been using for the past few years (it’s very well engineered kit, and doesn’t take up much space, so I’ll be keeping it with me if I move!).

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There's a lot to be said for living a Minimalist Lifestyle vs. a Materialistic one.

As for cleaning out one's possessions, has anyone else heard of Swedish Death Cleaning?


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Thanks for describing the mechanism of action of inflammasome. I knew my aches and pains went away after going low carb. I knew it happened in others but I thought it was FM (freaking magic). Glad to know it wasn’t a happy accident but a good side effect. TheBariatricCarnivore

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The fact that the GPR109A receptor jumped out at me because of some free lance writing MD did years ago.

Either drop "The fact that" or insert "was because of some free lance . . ."

Keeps the ketones in check,

Not sure what keeps the ketones in check - BOHB? so "It keeps the ketones in check" ?

"Just blot from your mind when you read them the parts about the ketogenic diet . . ."

when you read the parts about . . .? Not sure who we're reading to - i.e., who "them" is. Or am I misreading the line?

Another gem, Mike - don't know how you do it, but we all appreciate your hard work - and learn a ton from it. The Titanic video is amazing. I worked at Woods Hole and was there when Ballard found the ship - that was amazing too; the sinking has been an interest of mine since I was a kid. I particularly liked the story about a woman getting into an elevator and recognizing someone who'd sailed on the Titanic - she promptly asked him if he'd survived . . . .

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