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You and the Bride did a great job Down Under. I’ve heard and read the history of what I thought was all the shenanigans related to food and Pharma in this country a hundred times at least, but then she throws in a couple I’ve never heard of or a new twist on those I have.

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Mike, I wonder if you have any further thoughts about "Dissolving Illusions" which you mentioned a few weeks ago. Written before Covid, it pretty much critiqued the development of all vaccines, including polio and smallpox. For those two, they showed the diseases were declining in incidence before widespread vax use began. It would have been a huge job to unpack and verify all their data and opinions.

And thanks for Jerry Jeff Walker! I've got three of his vinyls and some CDs, saw him live once. He was on stage with the Lost Gonzo Band, "high" above the crowd.

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As Troy said - you and the bride gave a couple of brilliant talks Down Under (especially considering any problems with jet lag).

Re the frameshifting and Kevin McKernan, didn't he lose a lot of his data after the New Zealand "leaks"? https://news.rebekahbarnett.com.au/p/kevin-mckernan-loses-entire-database

Seems incredibly ominous to me if Mega can do that to a scientist. Or to anyone.

As far as Zepbound - so discouraging. Weight Watchers (a "brand" that I've always thought ill-suited to losing weight since, if everyone who did lost the weight, they'd be out of business) has teamed up with Ozempic for its members to use. As you say often, Jesus wept.

Thoroughly enjoying (?) End Times and have decided to give a copy to my teenage granddaughter since she's heavily into the history surrounding Richard III; I'm going to bookmark the section on Game of Thrones and hope it entices her into reading the rest of it.

Just a couple:

One other interesting finding was that were not statistically significant differences in TMAO,

. . .finding was that there were not

As an aside, before go further,

. . . before I go further

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Just an update on my personal nitric oxide experiment.

The NO lozenges might have produced an unnaturally strong effect in my case. Now that I've been off them for over three weeks, the two striking coloration areas on my body--one small and the other large--have diminished. The small, bright reddish-brown one is now less vivid, and the large one has actually gone away.

I don't believe that I ever observed the large one when I was young and with presumably good circulation, so maybe it's not a reasonable outcome, anyway. So, rather than using NO lozenges which produce NO in the oral cavity, I might try a nitrate supplement which uses the same nitric oxide production pathway as nitrate-containing foods.

I've been sick for over three weeks (cough, stomach, weakness), so I've just started to eat nitrate bearing salads for a few days now, but the former swelling in my lower legs, ankles, and feet has not returned.

Also, Georgi Dinkov has a paper on his Haidut website that shows a connection between high NO levels in the brain and autism. So, a moderate approach to raising NO levels may be wise.

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Vaccine info and GLP1 inhibitor info all rolled up with videos and references! Great content, Dr Mike! Looking forward to checking out your presentation down under.

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