Great reading yet again. 'Tis the highlight of my week.' Anyway I must thank you for pointing out the climate change graph discrepancy. It's this kind of obvious manipulation that tells me it's ALL lies. Much the same with the COVID chicanery. I looked at your comments on the statins too and that also shows smoke and mirrors from big pharma. It's all so obvious. So thank you once again

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I did the 23 & me thing a few years back and a lot of their genetic guesses are on two variants of genes. They always tell me that I don’t have either of the variants that they tested for except when they had one for macular degeneration. They told me that I did match the two variants that they were testing for, funny thing, when I mentioned that to my eye doctor he told me that I didn’t have any symptoms for macular degeneration... go figure.

I did see a graphic on twitter (X) the other day about temperatures. It was a European map with cooler temperatures than one from the past but the graphics were in red on the newer cooler temperatures, while the older hotter temperatures were blue??

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I lost weight under a doctor's nutritionist and my total testosterone doubled. In my mid-seventies, it was now over 600. My fasting insulin went from 16 down to 5. But my free testosterone didn't respond in kind.

Shawn Baker, the weight-lifting carnivore doctor, had a total testosterone below 300 and a fasting glucose of 124, and that's at zero carbs. He's the world rowing champ, too.

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Thank you for sharing your debate (or should I say ass whooping) with the pro-statin doc. I don’t mean to sound petty but I love to see someone put in their place using the very science they present as evidence and it made my day so thank you for that. I can only imagine that is why Hotez is so scared to debate another skilled science examiner in RFK.

I just watched my Dad suffer through dementia which only worsened with the aid of a statin and now I’m witnessing the same in my Step Mom and Mother-in-Law, one of which has listened and stopped with the same dismissive reaction from her doctor (but the damage is done), the other descending into a fog of confusion and anxiety which thickens every day but believes the man in the white coat can “do no harm.”

I myself am still learning to read the literature and break down the statistics. Call me a dork but I love this stuff and I think it empowers us against these giants who put profits before health. I know that most doctors are just the product of their education and it’s all they know, but it’s hard not to take it personal when they’re hurting the ones we love. As always, I appreciate the ones like you helping us fight the good fight!

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What about brain problems? Don't statins pass through the brain barrier and reduce cholesterol in the brain? My present doctor wanted me to take statins, but I mentioned this and she relented.

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On Anthony Fauci. Like you, he is a very clever man. You fall short in that you are honest.

“the molecular data is fully consistent with that scenario”. I didn’t know that in 2020 but it all came out two years ago and it seemed to me that the molecular data is not consistent with a sudden zoonotic origin. It’s like finding a glider deep in the jungle and deciding the only explanation is that it evolved from a bird.

Trump is corrupt, but I would call it ordinary corruption. For some years in the UK I have been hoping we could get back to ordinary corruption. The Biden’s are in another class all together.

I have a very good GP of the type - “I strongly recommended statins to this patient, but he/she refused to comply.” I totally understand, people don’t want to lose a good job. Some years ago he started a sentence, “A gentleman of your age “, and stopped. He knows me well. One other medic told me that statins were the greatest medication ever created and people who disagreed were mad. I remember a paper by Rory Collins and Peter Sever aiming to show that statin side effects were just imagined. They took two earlier statin studies looking at something not side effects and showed that, with p< 0.0001 or something, there were no real side effects. However, I remember one of the studies had excluded people who could not tolerate statins, and the other had chosen to decide if there was muscle damage not by what people reported but by measuring creatinine with anything less than 10 times normal level as no muscle damage.

When I read that bit of what Gregory Pokrywka MD FACP FNLA NCMP wrote, “Only new onset diabetes was observed to occur frequently in the statin group, consistent with another meta-analysis of statin trials”, I was amazed by how little significance that was given because diabetes is itself a risk factor for CVD – as you then noted.

Excess mortality attributed to heat and cold. I found the age stratification difficult to see in any chart and surely the chart should be presented to illustrate the main consideration – in the title of the paper. As AGW is something I am now giving most thought to, I just note that as with reports of the fires in Rhodes there is another agenda driving the presentations.

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I really was astonished at the graphs in 'Climate Follies' - thank you for posting that Mike in this week's Arrow. So many people just look at graphs without really looking, no one would think that two different scales to present data would be used in one graph ! So glad that Bjorn Lomborg redid the graph properly but still very annoying how it appeared originally in The Lancet. I wonder has The Lancet re-published the graph as it really ought to be with the same scale across the x axis ?

I have so many friends who believe this man made climate change carp - a friend yesterday said they had never seen so many forest fires in the world today and that it's due to climate change - no it isn't, forest fires happen always in some parts of the world, southern Europe for example, and have happened since millennia I'm sure, but just now the media has focused on Brits on holiday on Greek islands fleeing from forest fires. A part of the Languedoc, France, that I know has Canadair planes scooping up water from Lake Salagou to drop on the local forest fires, it's normal there every year and doesn't appear to have increased, possibly decreased as warnings everywhere not to drop cigarette ends or light fires especially in wooded areas.

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Loved the Jared Halley acapella video. He also does Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and John Denver's Country Roads which is very good, also.


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Well, props, Mike, on the gonad/libido/male T section. True integrity and intellectual honesty, as we all know that this would be shouted from rooftops by typical LC docs and peeps, since it concludes what everyone wants to hear.

I have my own take on this issue which is very controversial, triggering, and a host of other things.

Rather than risk making a mess in your comments, I'll just drop a link to the Tweet I put up about this section and request that anyone take it over there if they have problems/issues.

The bottom line: I increased my lab-measured T a whopping 40% my first year in Thailand by doing one simple thing and eschewing what "I'm supposed to do," because I don't think male psychology and physiology care much about what other people think...


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Good Morning, Dr. Eades,

I hope you're having a great day!

Have you written about methionine? I have cancer and this whole nutrition thing is brain-numbing. I've been following the Keto diet, feeling good, and I've recently come across resources that say cancer is fueled by everything (glucose, keytones, glutamine, cholesterol, etc.) except for Methionine. The doctor referred to a study in the 70s that showed Methionine is the one amino acid that cancer cannot live without, but healthy cells can live without. Methionine comes from animal sources, so our best hope for "starving cancer" is restriction of animal sourced protein and have a plant-based diet. I'm guessing you've written about this topic in one of your newsletters. I'm not very savvy with substack so I'm not sure how to find the archives of your past newsletter, so if you could direct me, I'd very much like to read your opinion, one that I trust and respect!

Many thanks, and my best to you and MD!

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Dr Eades, talking of the weasel Fauci, I thought you and others would be interested in this frontpage story in an Australian national broadsheet. The headline is punchy, and quite a surprise to see.


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Last week you mentioned the drug colchicine and how expensive it is. I did some research

and found that for those on Medicare the cost can be as little as $12/month at some pharmacies such as Walmart. We could all use a little help with our aches and pains, and perhaps some heart inflammation especially as we get older. The main side effect for some would be stomach distress, such as nausea.


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Dr E: this never came in my email yesterday…am I the only one reporting this?

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I've been a fan of Jared Halley for a while now, and like his "interpretive dance" additions especially. Somebody to Love is one of his better ones, but my favorite is "Take on Me", the a-ha hit from the 80's. Also he does well with the Game of Thrones theme, which includes a boot stomping on a board (which he also uses when he does sea shanties). I hope your post gives him a wider audience.

Some other ones I like include Emily Atkinson, who with her brother and sister play tunes on a marimba, and Layers, a Korean trio (piano, violin, and cello), who play an eclectic mix, including the Tango hit "Libertango" and "Just the Two of Us".

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Loved your opening humor . . . and glad you're enjoying the heat. I do believe local weathermen are now coloring their maps with ever harsher and hotter (or colder in winter) colors to drive points home -or to raise our fear of awful weather ever higher. From the voices emanating each evening during the news (most of which is anything but), the voices of doom and gloom and particularly fear over the heat are certainly telling. It's hard these days to figure out what to be most troubled by: medicine (now Amazon is selling doctors' visits and prescription drugs - what could possibly go wrong?), farming, banking, legal work, elections, AI, lying science, weather terrorism, and state-controlled media - all are worrying. Thank you for a voice of sanity and reason once a week.

to promote to zoonotic hypothesis

to promote a zoonotic hypothesis? (btw -I thought very telling the way Fauci's hand was shaking while he played with the elastic band and was bellowing that Rand Paul simply didn't understand.)

on-zoonotic sequences on or around the furan cleavage site

I think it's spelled 'furin' (which my computer kept changing to Turin - every single time - not that I'm paranoid about who's fixing things on my computer or anything.) What's really interesting about that cleavage site, according to Chris Masterson, is that Moderna holds the patent on it - and it's never been seen in any other virus.

a recent calcium test was was only borderline

Only need one 'was' in that sentence - I think 2 were in the original . . .

all you have to do to CIY is to write in the chart

should that be CYA? (CIY apparently stands for Christ in Youth)

What if in the climate were in today

. . .the climate we're in today

Cheers and thanks again!

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