I think reading the arrow has become the highlight of my week, even though it can be pretty grim reading!

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May 26, 2023Liked by Michael Eades

Mike, great Arrow. The vaccine info is terrifying. The info coming out on gardasil is stunning too...and I had my children take that. My family is done with vaccines. We seem to have no trustworthy institutions now.

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Wonderful to see you unpack the vaccine diorama. RFK Jr is disparaged as an anti-vaxxer, but is in truth an expert like few others, and he runs a child health defense foundation since before 2019 warning about vaccines. It's no wonder the DNC is suppressing his candidacy for President. He knocked Monsanto out of business and is about to do the same to Big Pharma and crooked congressmen on the take. Just watch this man go from pariah to hero over the next 18 months. They can't fool all the people all the time. And thx Doc, as always, for corroborating medicine with reality. I expect Dr Patrick Moore to similarly be exonerated for pointing out that CO2 is life's fertilizer, that this is the coldest Earth has been in at least 8000 years, etc. Here is the Danish research that shows 1875 was actually in the Little Ice Age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE0zHZPQJzA

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Kirsch's epiphany came when he learned about his carpet cleaner's heart attack. He was incredulous, so he looked into it deeper. In a matter of weeks, his Weltanschauung was transformed (my interpretation). He explained that background on Bret Weinstein's Dark Horse podcast on June 13, 2021. Steve may get some things wrong, but that podcast reified my own misgivings about getting the injections and helped me protect my family.

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So glad you reviewed Turtles All the Way Down - brilliant book and deeply disturbing. I believe Dr. Paul Thomas is a pediatrician who has (had?) a large group of child-patients who weren't vaccinated - people might check him out to see what results a lack of vaccines have shown in the intervening years. The ear worm by Davidson really is an ear worm but the video that went with it - is there an equivalent eye-thing to an ear worm? Not sure I'll be able to get some of those visuals out of my head.

I think you mentioned four books that you were reviewing, but I think you only touched on three? A Discarded Life, In Order to Live, and Turtles All the Way Down. Did I miss something? Or was Park's While Time Remains the fourth one?

Once again, thanks for keeping us all thinking and not just accepting all the incoming nonsense headed our way.

Just a few . .

As he probes deeper and deeper, the comes to the final revelation.

. . . . deeper, he comes to the final . . . .

Yeonmi Park watchers her mother get raped

. . . Park watches her mother . . . .

Instead of being regarded as a panacea for every illness contract as a result of a bacterial or viral infection

. . . for every illness contracted . . .

neither the researchers nor the patients knows who got the real stuff.

. . . not the patients know . . .

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William Briggs is a gem - thank you for the link to his Substack, to which I have now foolishly subscribed, as though reading excellent articles was the only thing I had to do in life.

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Did you mean grind the contents of these boxes into confetti?

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Mike, as much as I enjoy The Arrow. Maybe it's time for you to take a shredding session. MD has a fantastic novel to get cracking on. PART THREE, Caddo Bend Series. Just saying. I am one of many fans impatiently waiting for the next episode. Enjoy everything. JAYME

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Missing the convenient weekly email notification of the Arrow since May. Has this gone the way of the dodo?

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How can we thank you enough for your brain altering quiver quips? Having a second chance to enjoy the fun stuff you surface for us is worth more than your subscription by far. Wanted to offer an uplifting musical Merci from another universe: https://vk.com/wall-75679763_5041310

The source for the music is from this article on Lew Rockwell's blog: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/06/no_author/russia-bashing-blowback/

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I have a question. I really love reading your posts and I often wish I could share them with my friends many of whom are likely not subscribers. So the question is "can others who are not subscribed see the post even if only as a trial?" Such an opportunity might encourage my friends to subscribe. Is this possible to arrange?

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Some things that help with shredding. One, pour about a Tbs of vegetable oil in the crease of a folded sheet of paper and run it through the shredder. This helps lubricate the teeth. Do this when the shredder is about half full to avoid a mess in the bin. Second, put a blue ice pack or something similar on the part of the shredder that's getting warm. This helps absorb heat and gives you longer between shut downs. And if it does shut down from overheating put the unit in front of a fan or AC duct for a faster recovery.

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Always look forward to Thursday “Arrow Day” and now enjoying The Quiver! We don’t watch TV for news so your newsletter is one of my reliable sources of up to date information, with a delightful personal touch. And I’m looking forward to PP2. We still refer to PP1 even though it’s literally coming apart at the binding!

I often tell people about your newsletter and realize I might not pronounce your name correctly. How do you pronounce your name?

Thanks for all your work and inspiration!

Sue Ammon

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Regarding the Twitter API, it used to be largely free.

But back when Twitter was censoring heavily, the API was great for automatically downloading all tweets from people I followed, especially the medical ones who were commenting on the pandemic, the novel vax, etc.

After Musk paid good money for Twitter, they cut a bunch of stuff, especially where other parties could make money off Twitter whilst Twitter lost (?) money.

I guess it's the old tech thing about needing to lock content and people into the system in order to make money.

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As always, thankyou. It's time I actually said it as well as thinking it.

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