If you haven't read his work, I suggest you have a look at Ethical Skeptic's twitter feed. He has been analyzing excess deaths for the last couple of years. He definitely thinks there's a connection between the vaccines and deaths. And not just sudden deaths.....deaths from cancer. I find what he says a lot more convincing than what that other guy that you posted who says it's all uncertain.

The VAERS database needs an explanation too. Unless medical personnel are going out of their way to report made up information, the COVID vaccines are the most dangerous ones ever.

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I'm glad you covered the Lance Reddick death, being a huge fan of his roles in Both The Wire and Bosch (such similar roles).

Childers' newsletter is from where I first heard of it and of course, immediately though 'another vaxx killing'...UNTIL he went through all the obsessive and chronic exercise, at which point I backtracked to your exact take on the matter and wished Childers hadn't been so cocksure, which compromises credibility. And yea, that Jim Fixx death is the perfect comparison. That was a BIG DEAL SHOCKER in 1984 and I still remember it well.

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I have a different view of climate change to you (that I am writing up) but totally agree with your comment on temperature changes and baseball. “The lure of a larger salary … “, something similar may apply to the kind of research you discuss. As I read it the glutamine antagonists are used in the same way as chemotherapy, when the cancer cells are weakened by lack of glucose the glutamine antagonist damages them much more that other cells, then you need the glutamine back for the immune system to mop up the dead cancer cells – repeat until the cancer has gone (again not always). It took me a long time to discover that medics were not usually critical thinkers; I treasure the few like you that are. Gabor Erdosi is another gem, I have had contact with him on Twitter for a long time and have learned a lot from reading publications he posts, and we have the same view that always ask “what would evolution do”? Like you I had not thought much about vaccines until 2021. Maybe what has happened has been a blessing in disguise in exposing the lack of real evidence for use of many vaccines.

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Apr 14Liked by Michael Eades

I pretty much get all my “news” from Substack writers now, so the more info you can share, the better!

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the poll didn't seem to work. I would like any links you want to pass on.

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Thank you for explaining the metabolic basis for cancer. A dear friend has been diagnosed with advanced cancer and his doctors have him on a protein rich, low carb diet.

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I don't know how anyone could avoid dancing in their chair (if, that is, they didn't just get up and dance around the room) listening to that music. In some strange way it's quintessentially American - country rhythms with what looks like a film of the celebrations at Gettysburg when the war was over. Just amazing and I loved it. Also very happy you mentioned Tom Seyfried. Been a longtime fan of his and I find it just incredibly frustrating that his technique has been so studiously ignored for so long.

Thanks for another great column - and looking forward to (at least) the clips with references.

Only one that I found this week - forgive me for any I missed:

individuals who I haven’t seen and examinedy hands-on

Maybe you meant "seen and examined by a hands-on . . . . or "with hands-on"

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Hi Dr Eades. I've been a fan of your work since I read Protein Power Life Plan 20+ years ago. I do well on a low carb diet when I can stick with it. Looking forward to PP 2.0. Will it contain info on how to incorporate the mass balance theory into dieting?

MarciaT does a great job of finding typos, but this time a few others caught my eye. I spent many years copy editing prospective journal articles for ophthalmology residents. I retired 5 years ago, but it's hard to turn off those editing skills. Here's what I found this time:

1. the first thing those of us who are vaccine-hesitant wondered if Reddick’s death came as a result

… the first thing those of us who are vaccine-hesitant wondered was if Reddick’s death came as a result

2. I’m reasonably certain Lance Roddick had severe heart disease

…Reddick …

3. suicide rates increased in 2021 lead by men

…increased in 2021, led by men …

4. Not specific medical question

… questions …

5. individuals who I haven’t seen and examinedy hands-on

… examined hands-on …

6. Then when the borders of the tumor can be clearly be delineated

… can be clearly delineated …

7. I’ll see what I can dig in

… dig up … ?

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Apr 14·edited Apr 14

Dear Mike - I couldn’t do the poll because there wasn't an option I would have chosen.

I subscribe to The Arrow because I like reading what YOU (had to capitalise as italics don't seem to work here) write about things:

• I don’t often click the links you post because I don't have the time to read/watch them all, I wouldn't know which ones to take the time to click anyway, so I prefer to read your interpretation of what you find interesting/important, with quotes from other articles/links you've read, even if that means a longer Arrow with only the occasional link if you like - so I can’t select ‘Get a list of interesting links’.

• I wouldn’t like a Zoom for Q&A because that’s nothing like reading your Arrow so I can’t select ‘Be on a Zoom call for Q&A”

• I can’t select ‘Both’ because I want neither of those two options.

• I can’t select “I hear enough from you already” because, as I wrote above, I like reading what YOU write about things, doesn’t matter if The Arrow is longer, in fact you’ve written longer Arrows than today’s, at least it seems that way to me as your Arrows are usually more 'in depth' than today’s.

Perhaps there should have been a 5th option to click in the poll, something like “None of the above options” or "Happy to have longer Arrows".

I hope that makes sense !

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Brokenwood? Love that series!

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The music selection was indeed different; it seemed a sort of combination of Bourbon Street and Blue Grass. I liked it. BUT... I like Operatic arias, R&B, Blue Grass, Show tunes, Dire Straits, and Russian Men's choirs, so you can't base musical value on my judgement.. Thanks for sharing.

BTW: I got a kick out of the little girl in the video adjusting her loose mustache after "blowing" her trumpet.

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I have to take issue with your baseball analysis, in particular how the strategy shift to hitting home runs is primarily money based. From an owner’s (and fans) perspective, this type of baseball is not more entertaining. It produces fewer hits, more strikeouts, less base runners, less action etc. The shift in hitting strategy to emphasize home runs is really based on two factors. Base ball players today are bigger, faster and more athletic than their predecessors, yet play in stadiums whose dimensions remain basically the same as in the past. It is harder to get a hit against these superior defenders. But more importantly, the widespread use of analytics, especially seen in the deployment of defensive shifts based on each individual hitter, has made it far more likely that a well hit ball will result in an out. Better defenders deployed more strategically results in too many well hit balls producing outs. How to combat better defenders and their shifts - hit it out of the ballpark. No defending that. It is of course why the new 2023 rules forbid these type of shifts

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Delaney Davison in the "flesh": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJuN-Hu1JyY

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Apr 14·edited Apr 16

Trying to take the poll it says I am not subscribed and is only for subscribers. I am subscribed.

Update- it worked today 4/16/23

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You can use the Shazam app to identify music you are unfamiliar with. I have listened to a few podcasts with Dr Seyfried and he talks about using a couple of anti-parasitic drugs along with the ketogenic diet. I am unfamiliar with the names of the drugs. But would like to know which ones they are.

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