My son is starting his 3rd year of medical school and that stat about female doctors is spot on. I did not go to medical school because I wanted to have a family and didn't see how it could be done. So I went to law school and our attrition rate is even higher:70% quit by 7 years. I didn't have a clue what my alternative profession was like, and had I known, I would have felt a lot better about med school! So I am here, paying you $5 a month to gain access to the medical info I want and to be entertained by the drivel.

MD was self employed, so that's a huge difference, she had more control. That's key. All the female attys and doctors I know who are happy are all self employed,myself included. Life is too short to deal with all the bureaucratic bs you get working for someone else. Kudos to you for starting your own clinics, the sous vide company, MD's fiction, the PP books.

With fewer private practices, I suspect the percentage of women getting out will escalate if they can afford it. My sense is the attrition rate is actually lower than it could be because average med school debt is $250k. Some has to pay that back.

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"One of the other almost absolutes in medicine is the triglycerides divided by HDL levels give a pretty good indication of cardiovascular health." I told that to my Doctor a couple of weeks ago since he wants me to start taking statins even though my triglyceride to HDL ratio is less than 1. He says that ratio has nothing to do with cardiovascular health. This is a Reagan UCLA Medical Center faculty practice Doctor of more than 20 years experience. He also doesn't want to prescribe Metformin for "pre-diabetes" because "pre-diabetes" is not a disease. And he thinks it doesn't matter how high your liver enzymes are as long as they are within the acceptable range. Yikes. How do I go about finding a clinician I can trust? This is a real problem for those of us who don't have a doctor in the family.

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As for Doctor crisis, one solution is to have nurse practitioners handle more of the routine medical care. Nurses are predominately women and they seem to have extended careers.

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I still find PTG annoying as hell, supercilious and smug, so I'm not surprised that he puts himself in the group of "real thinkers" but I think he is just another leftist shill. My take is that Democrats think they can beat Trump, so they think the indictment will help Trump win the Republican nomination but keep him from winning the election.

I'm still waiting to see which of us is closer to the truth about the War in Ukraine. I think events are moving in my favor, but I expect PTG will have a clever explanation for why whatever happens is what he predicted would happen when looked at the right way.

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"Get a terrific tech customer service lady who again puts me through the troubleshooting process with one additional step that solves the problem. Bam. All the power is back."

Dr Eades, don't leave us in the dark (ha!), what was the additional step?

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My guess, based on some anecdotal evidence, is that the dramatic relation between carbohydrate intake and triglyceride is unknown to most physicians. (I work in a medical center and everybody knows the impact of evidence based on lunch tine conversations). Insofar as it's true it is because it not widely taught or discussed. An indication is a review a couple of years ago by American Heart Association on triglycerides that did not mention low-carbohydrate diets. Of course, the people that wrote the reviewer may have been unaware of that fact. It is hard to see how you would do research on triglycerides and not come across that but that's how it is. .

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Just want to say that I love and look forward to your articles every week now and I just found you. Worth every penny to subscribe and support and just want to show my appreciation. 🙏🏻

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The scam is worrying, especially checking if you are old, with all that detail about the Tesla problem. It's always good to post about this to keep reminding us all that criminals are inventive.

As your praise of female medics, I always have my hair cut by a woman.

I will give Workona a go, please give further feedback when you get stuff sorted.

On a ketogenic diet Thomas Dayspring recently posted “Dramatic elevation of LDL cholesterol from ketogenic-dieting: A Case Series”: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2666667723000363 It seems to me you are meant to assume that LDL & that cholesterol are bad, but in this case maybe that LDL elevation is doing something needed. I know Dave Feldman has done a lot of work on lean-mass hyper-responders.

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Love the drivel. And look at the bright side. At least the guy who wrote that to you didn't misspell it. I'm sure you know what I mean...

As for that attempted scam or whatever the hell... You really had me doing the no. no way, holy shits! as you're on the phone, guy is screaming out of eyeshot, and sounds like dogs...not YOUR dogs, mind you...are tearing him limb from limb while another guy on the phone is admonishing that you call YOUR dogs off ...and THEN....

Gotta be true. You couldn't have made that up.


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Apr 7·edited Apr 7

Dear Mike - I very much enjoyed reading the Tesla roof power drivel this morning, though I’m sure you didn’t enjoy the hassle you had to go through. It does sound like a very strange practical joke rather than a scam, especially the sound on your phone of the guy Scoby being attacked by dogs….but what would be the purpose of a scam like that ?

Re women doctors - the same kind of thing is happening here in the UK, but here many women doctors become GPs and work part time which is not so good for patients. I have a wonderful GP, one of the best GPs I’ve ever had BUT she only works one and a half days a week. She gets booked up way in advance and patients often have to see one of the other GPs at our practice - all part time women apart from one man - and that means less continuity of care - a patient’s medical notes are one thing but getting to know the patient means real continuity of care which is being lost in UK general practice.

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Dear Dr. Eades, I would greatly appreciate if you would start with your ideas around cancer and low carb/keto next week. I bought and read The Cancer Code, great suggestion, everyone should read it. I’m a big fan of your writing and thinking, now quit teasing me about this topic and it done! Melinda

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Dr. I have a question about a housekeeping issue. I have been enjoying the arrow since it’s inception. I am especially thankful that covered the whole Covid fiasco. I talked about what you were saying often enough that my husband recently decided to start reading the arrow. Now that you have begun a subscription status, I was happy to subscribe. But does my husband have to pay a separate subscription so that he will also get the full version? I read on my Chromebook, but he reads everything and watches everything on his iPad. There must be a simple way around this, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Thanks.

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Your comments on Presidential voting are appreciated. I note that a favorite I have for next year 2024 is RFK Jr., whom Bloomberg called a 'vaccine quack'. I would reserve that description for Dr. Fauci, and would welcome the Kennedy era's re-opening - this time on RFK's promise to separate Congress from corporate America. I think he can win, but the DNC won't allow it, as he'd take their lobbyist T-Birds away. Can it happen?

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I liked your comment about hate and divisiveness. My friends in English Department say that self-reference is the sign of real art. We go way back so I’m used to it but if you think there is anything that the defendant could have done that offsets the evil, you’ve really lost it.

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Hi Mike - I think the "scam" was in the bit about you being old (what a joke!) - whoever they were sending out was really going to get into the house while you were out trying to find the dogs and Scoby and perhaps rescue him - or walk a long way off looking for him? Who knows but I don't think it was anything innocent. However, your writing about it was hilarious. Please keep up the drivel, if that's what it was - and I don't think so. How, for instance, did they get your kids' cellphone numbers? Too weird by far. And thanks for the information about fat - being on prednisone for 2+ years has made it an annoying battle. But clearly a worthwhile one. As far as the chunky basketball player goes? Maybe his sheer girth keeps other players off guard and further away from him than they would be from the rest of the group. That said, his passes were brilliant. Thanks again for your wit and wisdom.


just a few typos - hope I didn't miss any:

MD got online to check in an outage had been posted

. . . if an outage had been posted

learned how to us the app.

learned how to use the app

The beat goes on When I tried

Need a period after on

McCarthy was on the Fox news show of a real anti-Trumper.

did you mean "as a real anti-Trumper"? (I didn't know Fox News had a real anti-Trumper on their staff - and here's a good one: each time I tried to write anti-Trumper, auto-correct changed it to "anti-trumpet"! As they say in the old country, WTF??)

Which he then did, McConnell told him

need a semi-colon or period after did

Before we get leave this section

drop "get"

I could even go ahead an operate.

and operate

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"You don’t want far right and far left judges on the bench." Which far right judges have been appointed and confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court? More like far left and moderate centrists. In this world feelings and intentions prevail, and leftists have the noblest of intentions. They want to make everyone safe, to make people feel good and to do it with an ever-increasing bureaucracy regardless of the cost. The "nuclear" option favored the far left who otherwise would not have gotten judges appointed.

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