Hi Dr. Eades. Iknow you are a fan of Matt Taibbi as I am. I wanted to point out two political news outlets that follow Matt's credo of reporting the truth and letting the chips fall where they may.

One is called Breaking Points and the other is called The Lever. You can try Breaking Points on

U-Tube. The Lever is more of a journal. I can't say enough good about these folks and their partners. There is no red/blue bias here. I think you would enjoy them. My politics were born in Daley's Chicago. Over time I find myself a disillusioned Democrat and I don't recognize either

party as working for the middle class or working class. Anyway check out the very fine reporting

from both these outlets. Matt has appeared with both David Sirota (creator of the Lever) and

and Breaking Points. Thanks for all your work. Terri Monley

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The depth and ferocity of their ignorance is unbelievable 😳

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DR. Eades: I cannot say I was either lucky or smart (unless picking the right doctor is smart). My wife and I go to a concierge practice. Our Doc told us two things when the vaccine came out; 1) I don't recommend taking the vax until we know about the safety profile, and 2: If you get sick, I can cure you, (I had a mild case of Omicron and she gave me Ivermectin!) but if you take the vax and have and adverse reaction, I don't know whether or not I can help you. She now has a long waiting list for her practice.

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I have read everyone of your 113 posts, and this was the best one ever. I am not disappointed that I signed up for a paid subscription. Seems that with the new approach you have upped your game, if that was actually possible. For a variety of reasons I have always been reluctant to share your posts with friends, (I am unvaccinated and denounce statins--which puts me in a risky social position) but your arguments have become so coherent and important I may have to reconsider.

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The wheels of science turn slowly but they grind fine. Relieved to see how the good quality research is finally surfacing, and rather enjoying the hubris of the "follow the science" crowd as their favourite narratives are overturned.

On the matter of critical thinking and the challenge of rational discourse, I'd like to strongly recommend to everyone Tim Urban's new book. The concepts of Golem and 'idea labs' are particularly helpful in dealing with the crazies surrounding us everyday and overcoming 'low-rung' thinking.


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Just loved (awash in irony) Rachel's English comparison to a meta-analysis. Just wow.

And as usual, loved the rest of your post this week - something in every week that makes me happy!

Typos (maybe it's the auto-correct . . . )

"And makes prevent blood or pus or other bodily fluids" - I assume masks

"that matches with the protein structures were using the dietary protein to repair or replace . . ."

protein structures we're using . .

"done before politicization of the pandemic had set it."

had set in

" I figured why vaccinated them."

So not many! See you next week,


why vaccinate them

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