Thank you for your writing, always so interesting. The Russia-Ukraine Thing feels like a "replacement" for Afghanistan. Apparently there always HAS to be a war somewhere or the whole system falls apart....

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Wow! That pony tail guy is a globalist shill. I don't think that he said a single thing that I think is true. I sometimes disagree with a few things people say, but rarely every single thing.

Russia wants bordering countries to remain neutral, not part of NATO, an American military alliance. If Mexico and Canada joined in a military alliance with Red China would the US be okay with that? Bush promised Putin that NATO would not advance towards the Russian border, a promise that has been repeatedly broken.

The threat of nuclear war comes from the US, when Ukraine looses the war, which I think it will happen before May 2023.

The statistics are 8 Ukrainian casualties for every Russian casualty.

Russia is not the Soviet Union, and the Russia of the 1990's is not the the Russia of now.

Once again I urge you to listen to Douglas Macgregor or Scott Ritter for a completely different point of view.

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My views on Putin have changed since I watched an extended set of interviews of Putin by Oliver Stone. I never much cared for Oliver Stone and wasn't expecting to learn a lot, but I've thought that it is best to listen to what a man actual says, rather than to what others say he says. We saw this earlier with the all the false reporting about what Trump supposedly said. I encourage everyone to listen to these interviews (available on YouTube). They dramatically changed my views on Putin.

Col. Douglas Macgregor and Scott Ritter have views about this Ukraine conflict which contradict the uniform narrative we hear from both Republicans and Democrats, also available on YouTube. It reminds me that the most dangerous words in politics is "bipartisan".

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Dr Eades, I have been reading your books, web site articles, and newsletters for many years. I have enjoyed your writing and have learned a great deal. I've also found myself to almost always be in agreement with your opinions. However, I think you may be a bit off on the Russia matter. As you mentioned yourself, look at who is supporting one side or the other. You are lined up with all the strange people on the Left who are behind so much idiocy and madness these days. Many people are lined up with most of the world's population who oppose those people. The 'whole world' does not support Ukraine, not at all. China, India, southeast Asia, and virtually all of the 'Global South' are rooting for Russia to kick the Empire's butt. I would just like to suggest that Zeihan is one of the least believable sources for opinions on the Ukraine war. He's a pure propagandist.

On a less controversial note - I wanted to say that I'd like to see more of the books reviews you used to publish. I always loved when you would list your favorite reads, and have spent many happy hours reading your suggested books. Thanks for that, and I hope to see more reviews in future.

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Zeihan’s remarks concerning Bitcoin were hilariously uninformed and the comments about economic policy in the world reveal massive ignorance in these areas. (Check bitcoin twitter for the dissection of his statements!). Beware his ignorance in other areas if he is so sure about his opinions in bitcoin!

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Re: Ukraine, it's clear that Putin had negotiated a resolution to the impasse on Ukraine's eastern regions (the Minsk Agreements) and Merkel herself said it was just a stalling measure so Ukraine could build its defenses. The US has to get out of Europe and anywhere else, begin to look after its own house. Watch Zelensky smirk as Putin reads out the agreement - puerile, and leading to 150000 deaths so far. https://twitter.com/vicktop555/status/1614650393660719105

Break a treaty and start a war - Europe has seen enough of them. When did NATO replace the UN?

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A great read as usual but in the Ukraine situation we should simply remember, as Smedley Butler said, war is a racket. Just follow where the money the American government gave “to Ukraine” actually ends up.

Please don’t stray into that subject. There is nothing for you to gain by sharing your thoughts beyond regretting the loss of life.

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The lion video was fascinating. I thought there might be two reasons that the men were able to get some of the wildebeest: 1) the lions may have been used to this situation, maybe the men often isolated a wildebeest so the lions could easily catch and eat a good amount of it before the men took their share, or 2) the men were really knowledgable about lion behaviour, which I suspect - cats normally won’t attack another animal unless they feel very threatened or unless they’re hungry and want to eat the other animal - notice the men were crouched watching the lions carefully, the lions had certainly had a lot to eat, the male lion was no longer being aggressive towards the females wanting to eat, and then the men walked in a tall, upright, non fearful posture with good eye contact, and three of them, not just one lone man, and they didn’t get their bows and arrows out to fight, so by that point there was really no reason for the lions to feel the need to attack so they moved away and watched. Once the men took a share of the kill they walked away tall, in non fearful stance, and not running.

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She *did* look like a horse.

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Re : ..."production of red meat and its alleged detriment to the environment. " Matthew Evans, chef and farmer in Australia, made a point re cattle production saying that most of the land the animals graze on is not suitable for anything else, and quote : " The open areas around us have grazing animals – sheep, goats, cattle – munching happily away on grass, turning something humans can't digest into meat and milk and fibre. " I should add that in addition to grass-fed animals, there are grain feed lots which have grown in popularity the past 20 years. Cattle are now being fed fed a new methane-reducing seaweed feed supplement.

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Jan 25, 2023·edited Jan 25, 2023

Just ran across this on stat news. I can't read the whole article because of the paywall, but you might find it interesting if you haven't already seen it.

"Doctors’ group complains that 60 Minutes segment on Wegovy was really just an ad"

"A physicians’ group has filed a complaint with the Food and Drug Administration alleging that a recent 60 Minutes segment about the Wegovy weight-loss drug was actually an advertisement and demanded the agency withdraw the report from circulation.

"At issue was a Jan. 1 segment on the widely watched CBS News program about the Novo Nordisk drug, which is on its way to becoming a top-selling medicine and has experienced shortages due to high demand. Wegovy is one of a few treatments that are expected to transform weight-loss medicines into a $30 billion market by 2030, according to analysts at Cowen..."


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I share your indecision re:Russia - it’s complicated, and much more than people think. I understand the position of all out support for Ukraine, a position supported by many I respect (George Will for one). But invariably they use WW2 as their prime example as to why our full support is necessary. The appeasement of Hitler simply encouraged & emboldened him. Fine, I get that. But I also take note that these supporters NEVER mention WW1. The lesson of WW1 is completely different. Before the US intervened, that war was at a stalemate, and the most likely result would have been a negotiated settlement to end the war. But the US did intervene, resulting in a resounding victory for the Allies. However that victory allowed the Allies to dictate draconian measure against Germany, wrecking their economy, inducing hyper inflation, widespread hunger & desperation. In short, it created the perfect breeding ground for the rise of a Hitler. So the unintended consequence of our intervention was Hitler & WW2. I have no idea what the unintended consequences may be stemming from are all out support of Ukraine, but it’s folly to be unaware or unconcerned over what those consequences may be.

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Good morning Mike,

You really do need better sources of information on world events. I would recommend The Duran on YouTube and other platforms.

Kind regards,

Robert Cooney, MD

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These three always have interesting commentary on Russia/Ukraine


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Jan 21, 2023·edited Jan 21, 2023

Nice video.

I always wonder about the cameraman… cameraperson…whatever

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To get a better sense of the wider geopolitical situation regarding Russia I strongly recommend this blog by a retired Indian diplomat.


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