Thanks for the references.

I suggest two more. One an essay by Hayek that explains why the 'elites' need the big, deep state and the other a book about the philosophy of engineering, A Discussion of the Method by Billy Koen- all is heuristic

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You asked for typo corrections. Here's one.

"The one thing that makes me thing [should be think] the book is worthwhile is..."

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Still looking to become a paid subscriber....

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I read The Arrow on Substack now so I cancelled my e-mail subscription.

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"Come To Think of It, How Do You Reconcile Elitism With Democracy?"

Well, you could try and start with someone like J. D. Vance of Ohio, among many others!


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Martin Gurri is a well known libertarian, as I've come to learn that you are also a libertarian.

I remember reading some articles on the subject of libertarianism when I was trying to learn more about it. What's your take on a few of these, if I may ask? I'm always interested in learning another person's opinion and views on a subject.





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Jan 13, 2023·edited Jan 13, 2023

I'm just happy to know you aren't in Montecito getting buried in mud! Your "short" newsletter has more good info in it than many other writers' long form! I do think Substack is an excellent repository of knowledge.

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The "elites"? Who exactly might those "elites" be? Here's one's differing opinion on who they might be. As they say... there's two sides to every story:


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Read MD’s 2nd novel in a day! I NEED the 3rd book to come out soon!!!! Lol.

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Thank you ever so much, and safe travels :)

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Here are a couple more corrections - I'm sure made in the rush to get the slides done. Still, a really impressive column in spite of caveats about brevity.

" . . . when you are walking out a PLAN" which I assume should be "when you are working out a PLAN"


"we know what we think we now . . ." You probably mean "we know what we think we know . . ."

And I now have two more books (one on audible - so many books, so little time) to read this winter.

Thanks for all you good work,


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Just got MD’s new novel reading it here at lowcarb metabolic conference on down times. Looking forward to your lecture. You should highlight the second novel!!

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