Wow you made it over. Finally a comment section 🎉

Long time subscriber and follower.

You saved me every Thursday when the Arrow arrived......all the way through the Covid blitz.

Never did email you during those times because I liked what I read.

Just really appreciate you taking the time each week to get this out.

And I love your book reviews and thoughts on new reads!

Happy Holidays to you and all your family in Dallas, Montecito and Arkansas 🎄

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Always enjoy reading your comments on Thursday nights. Save yourself some money and go to ACE Hardware and they will make a new key and program it for you ( assuming you have a spare key for them to copy) for much less than the dealership. Worked for my RAV 4.

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I'm glad there's no word count (or one that you can find, anyway), because I like a longer Arrow, and this way you won't stop just because the number looks high. As in medicine, it's best to go by how you feel. (We don't treat numbers.) I love the new Substack version, too. Good move, and thanks for all the time you put in each week.

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The NZ blood service offers direct donation services but won't do so for this baby because vaccinated blood is 'safe'. I suspect that they don't want to set a precedent.

7 min clip


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Dec 2, 2022·edited Dec 2, 2022

Are you aware of the case in New Zealand: a 4 month old baby has a congenital heart defect and needs surgery. The parents want to use unvaccinated blood. They have 20+ donors lined up, ready and willing to give blood. The national blood bank do not track vaccination status and is refusing to collect unvaccinated blood for this child. The doctors support the blood service.

There is a court case on Tuesday to take custody from the parents so the hospital can operate with potentially vaccinated product.


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Dec 2, 2022·edited Dec 2, 2022

Dr. Mike, faithful reader & follower here. Been following your work for 25 years.

I enjoy these weekly "snacks:, but I am really looking forward to PP 2.0.

I respect that your view on various health subjects has varied over the years as you have learned new information, Since PP 1.0, we've had all kinds of health-related books covering trends like Paleo, Keto, seed oils, carnivore, etc. Really looking forward to hearing your evolved views 25 years after PP 1.0.

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Haven't finished reading yet, but I really enjoy the ability to quickly leave a comment. Please get out your maps, though, and take a look again at Oklahoma. Broken BOW is in southeast Oklahoma; Broken ARROW is in Northeast Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa.

As a born and bred Texas gal, I honestly never thought much about Oklahoma at all until hubby and I moved there seven years ago, the result of a job offer that was too good to turn down. The company was in Broken Arrow, and although we technically lived in Tulsa, all our business was done in BA. (We're back in DFW now, as the pandemic changed the business situation there).

From your description of the countryside, it sounds like you actually met up for the stocking transfer in Broken Bow. It's much hillier down there than the Tulsa/Broken Arrow area is.

Anyway, Oklahoma is a lovely state, despite what most people think. I miss it, and it makes me happy and sad at the same time to hear people talk about my temporarily adopted state. Thanks for that!

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I've been enjoying your weekly writings, it's one of the few I read consistently!

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I was part of a study where they used grip strength as a test. The examiner seemed to think I was weird already when I said fasting before they took my blood was no problem. Don't think I did too well with the grip test due to the impact of RA on my wrists and fingers, but as my fatigue and pain disappeared when I went low carb, I am not going to worry about it! Thanks for the interesting newsletter.

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Dec 3, 2022·edited Dec 3, 2022

You didn't make mention of your 100th Arrow! Congratulations! My wife and I so enjoy them each week

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Google says there are all sorts of free PDF word counters. Something called the American Economic Association was my top search and it claims your article, comments, and previous article blips below the comments was 7743 words. Yes, substack should make it easier. Thanks as always for your content. Looking forward to Protein Power II!

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Yay for comments! Now I also get the smarts of your readers.

By the way, as your sending address changed the newsletter lost its VIP status in my apple mail so I almost missed the latest issue. Fixed now. Readers might want to update theirs too.

Do you have any interaction with Peter Attia? I really respect his knowledge and attitude on many subjects but he's all in on the cholesterol hypothesis.

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This article showed up in my news feed. Such half baked reporting and headline on a dubious study sends me over the wall. Enjoying the arrow, never to long as you bring in nuggets from your own curious mind and those of other like minded individuals.https://www.prevention.com/food-nutrition/a42113366/less-than-three-meals-a-day-shorten-life-study/

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Pig was a good movie. I enjoyed it.

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Where can the message referred to be seen?

"Yet another note: Just got the above message:

Post too long for email

Learn more.

I don’t know if the email version will be truncated or not. If so, simply click view online, and you should get the entire thing."

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Re "cholesterol"...

I bought a Precision Health Report (same kind that sponsors the Arrow) and was dismayed to learn that despite being 39, ripped, and measuring in their lowest (best) threshold of insulin sensitivity, I'm nonetheless at "high" cardiovascular risk.

Why? Because of something called Apo B, which apparently quite high, at 108.


1. I hope you and Malcolm Kendrick are right about "cholesterol". As the goal posts have shifted so many times, I'm quite keen to the idea that it's simply a failed hypothesis/construct.

2. I'm not going to tank my insulin sensitivity by eating lots of carbs, or go on a statin, just to lower Apo B.

3. I wish I'd never gotten this report. I'm in great health and had nothing to worry about -- until now. Buyer beware.

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